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About Lillian Cozart

Lillian Cozart, abstract artist, Wilton Manors, south florida artist

Lillian Cozart is an artist, creative technologist, musician, cat mom, glamma, and more. She is the owner and artist at LillianCoz.Art, based in Wilton Manors, south Florida. She is often self-taught and frequently explores new avenues of creative expression. Lillian discovered her current passion for abstract fluid art while searching for ideas to embellish a purchased canvas print triptych that she thought was too plain and boring to display.

Lillian enjoys experimenting with acrylic paints, learning as she goes, and has an affinity for abstract galaxy, universe, and space themes. She enjoys embellishing paintings using a variety of techniques, most recently airbrush, to create her fantasy universe series. Each finished acrylic pour painting is a one-of-a-kind creation and future pieces will continue to reflect her evolving artistic style.

Lillian has been a creator since childhood, but it was during art therapy courses in graduate school where she really experienced creative expression as a deeply emotional experience that has strongly impacted all of her creative endeavors and her way of thinking about art. She takes joy in knowing that each of her creations will take on personal meaning for the individual observing the art.

Lillian is the Assistant Director of Web Development for the Division of Research at FAU. She dreams of a day when she can retire and pursue art full time.